• ‘Cupcakes’ slider and pink bracelet

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‘Cupcakes’ slider and pink bracelet

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  • Magnet number: 2
  • Magnet strength: 0,12 Tesla
  • Substance: colour print with lacquer/ silk print, stainless steel
  • Colour: pink
  • Surface Finish: polished
  • ENERGETIX System: for Kids
  • For whom: For Kids
  • Colour scheme: shades of red, mixed shades
  • ITEM: S005-1
The ‘Cupcakes’ set comes with a pink-coloured bracelet without magnet and a colourful stainless-steel slider with a cheerful cupcake motif. The slider's polished finish creates a great contrast to the multicoloured print to produce a coherent overall impression. The slider comes with two magnets and is the perfect match for the corresponding children's bracelet made from stainless steel and PVC. Practical: the bracelet can be shortened in a few easy steps if it's too long for your child.

More information about the individual articles may be found under Article Numbers 2891-1 (slider) and 611-12 (bracelet). The set's individual components may be swapped or combined with all other articles from the same system.